History & Mission

EJ Plesko

E.J. Plesko & Associates, Inc. (“EJPA”) is a privately owned real estate development and management company.  EJPA is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin and operates a regional office in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

EJPA was incorporated in 1976 when E.J. Plesko founded his own company after extensive involvement in the commercial real estate industry dating back to the mid-1950s.  E.J.’s founding vision was to develop and deliver superior projects in quality locations.  Under E.J’s stewardship and the EJPA team, this vision has been realized. 

EJPA is active in the development, ownership and management of community and neighborhood shopping centers, senior housing communities, planned single family and multi-family residential communities, industrial and commercial properties. EJPA works closely to build successful relationships and deliver distinct properties in quality locations. 

EJPA’s primary objective is the long-term ownership and management of strategically located income-producing properties.  Through diligent research, planning and a strong financial base, EJPA is committed to minimizing risk and maintaining a conservative approach to development.  As a result, the company has enjoyed asset appreciation, sustained growth and economic stability.  

E.J. Plesko passed in 2013, ending a remarkable career that touched many lives.  Numerous partners prospered from E.J.’s vision, strategic risk taking and keen eye for opportunities.   E.J. was a treasured partner, friend, mentor and resource to those he touched throughout his career.  His legacy is carried forward in EJPA and by the EJPA team.  

EJPA is committed to a team approach with its personnel and partners.  EJPA strives to be a leader in the commercial real estate field through its integrity, quality standards, financial strength and common sense approach to the industry.  EJPA’s achievements are the result of the vision and philosophy instilled by its founder, E.J. Plesko, and practiced by its officers and employees today.